Our classes provide a fun and interactive way for you to enjoy your fitness routine and get the most from your OneGym membership.

Our passionate team of personal trainers run a wide range of classes that will fit perfectly into anyone’s fitness regime. Whether you need something with High Intensity, something to build your stamina or simply a workout that helps you switch off and focus – we have the class for you.

All of our classes are included as part of your OneGym membership and we offer the widest range of classes at any gym in Navan. Take a look below and choose your perfect class today, then plan your firs trip to OneGym using our class timetable!

FEB/MAR 2024


Body One - OneGym Class

Body One

BodyONE  is the perfect class for a total body workout – and more strength in everyday life.

You train with dumbbells and barbells and determine the training weight yourself. Our instructors make sure that you perform all exercises correctly and push you to your limit.

After that, you’ll know what your body can really do.

Cycle Max - OneGym Class

Cycle Max

Whether it’s hill climbs, descents or flat sprints, our group cycling class really boosts fat burning and improves your overall fitness.

You get to set the resistance level and speed that suits you on the bike and build up your intensity over time. This is a great class for any level of fitness. It’s gentle on the joints and strengthens the team spirit. You’ll leave exhausted but inspired to come back for more!

What are you waiting for? Get on the bike and let’s go!

Bolt - OneGym Class


Ready to ride harder and faster?

Then this class is for you!

Our motivating instructors will help you scorch those calories to driving beats and challenging terrain.

Discover the athlete within you as you sweat and burn to reach your goal!

Solid - OneGym Class V2


This highly effective workout really hones in on the torso and is designed to improve strength and build muscle.

It’s ideal for tightening your tummy and butt, while also improving functional strength and assisting in injury prevention.

Our instructors will be right there with you to push you to your limit! It’ll help you run faster… play harder… stand stronger!

Push - OneGym Class


This high energy class combines strength circuits with cardio-based HIIT. One session will leave you dripping in sweat and confidence.

Take your body on a physical journey through peaks of higher intensity intervals and valleys where endurance takes priority.

This is a class that lifts you up but never beats you down!


Want to improve your range of motion and flexibility?

Do you need to loosen your tight muscles and ease stiff joints?

Join our instructors as they guide you through a deep and extensive body stretch session.

All flexibility levels welcome!

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